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Meet Minister of Worship Arts Candidate - Daniel Bodemann

June 26, 2022 7:00am

Please join us Sunday, June 26 at either 8:00 am or 9:30 am to meet Daniel Bodemann, Minister of Worship Arts candidate.

Our Minister of Worship Arts Search Committee, led by Kent Devenport and Chris Haase, is excited to introduce you to Daniel Bodemann, Minister of Worship Arts candidate. Following each Worship service on June 26, we will host a “Meet & Greet” with Daniel in rooms 120/121, and at 11:00 am we invite you to join us in the Worship Center where Daniel will lead us in several Worship songs.

Get to Know Daniel...

Daniel was born and raised non-denominational in New Rochelle, NY.  He followed in his mother and father's footsteps and became a musician that served through worship beginning at the age 14. He continued to serve as part of a Worship Ministry until he left for school at Concordia University Texas (WOOSH). 

Daniel became Lutheran while at Concordia and received a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Music Ministry with a vocal focus and a Director of Parish Music (DPM) certification. 

Following graduation, Daniel served at Tangible Grace Fellowship in Allen, TX from 2012-2016, where he grew the worship team and mobilized it to perform outside the church. From Texas, Daniel moved to Little Rock, Arkansas to serve at Christ Little Rock for 5 years. While at Christ Little Rock, he served as a Music, Religion and Gym teacher, a church planting Vicar, and filled various roles on the Worship Team as worship leader, preacher and youth minister.

Daniel likes home-cooked meals that are unique family recipes, but breakfast is his favorite meal. He's a big fan of card games and board games. And music is his favorite way to express and connect with others, and of course, to worship the Triune God! Daniel also loves "Dad-jokes" or any humor that makes people roll their eyes. 

"God's creation (nature) is always my happy place."

Q&A with Daniel

What are you most passionate about in worship ministry?

DanielI am most passionate about people declaring the story and promise between God, Mankind and all of creation.

What is your favorite worship song and why?

Daniel: I can't really pick a favorite, but I particularly like Phil Wickham's "Beautiful." The song starts with an adoration of creation in the first two verses, the third acknowledges Jesus's atoning work on the cross, and then finishes with the promise of the new creation and life everlasting. It's almost an entire worship service in one song. Plus, by the time you hit the last verse, especially if you have suffered loss, or suffered at all, you will be "in your feels," as the kids would say.

How have you seen God work through you or your ministry?

Daniel: There was a bar called the Dingy Rooster that I used to frequent to play music. On poker night, my friend Brandon who was in the bar's blues band with me, got called a terrible word that is shunned in society. He almost got into an altercation with the inebriated man who insulted him. The man got escorted out and I didn't know what to do so, I bought Brandon his next drink and said, "Hey man, I'm sorry that happened." Then, I just carried on as normal -- being friendly and making jokes. 

Two minutes later, my friend Brandon was laughing and having a good time and declared, "Daniel just has this calming presence about him. He's like Jesus or something..." 

Situations like that at the Dirty Rooster often conclude with the cops being called. So, the fact that the evening ended with my friend laughing and having a good time while identifying there was something he would consider "holy" about me, specifically Jesus, points to the work of the Holy Spirit. It was an "in the world but not of the world" experience.

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